Monday, March 2, 2009

catch-up time

So i have not posted blogs in a long time so lets see.... im trying to work 3 days a week now instead of not working at all due to high blood pressure. Last week my blood pressure got to 169/95 at doc said to go to the hopital if it got to 170...kinda scary. We'll see if this week goes better. Went to Vegas on the 11th of Feb for 5 days...we're not gonna talk about that. it was fun for the most part tho haha. My best friend Felicia is getting married in september and is prego!! she is 3 weeks behind me :). I am her maid of honor so i've been helping her and we picked out her dress!! so amazing! I haven't done anything excited so i dont have much to talk about... haha. At my 20 weeks ultrasound..learned that everything is perfect with our little Braylee Ann. No abnormalities. And can i just say...i love my sisters and how much they do for me!! My sister yolanda brought over a few baby things and some WAY cute clothes and a way way soft blanket for bray...i was so stoked it was so thoughtfull! And becky is letting me borrow strollers and bouncers and stuff! im so glad my sisters are so helpfull and it makes me even more excited for this baby so i can be in the baby club! haha. well that is all for now.
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