Thursday, March 19, 2009

23 weeks

not gonna hurts haha. And ohhhh the stretch marks... yummy gotta love them. it sadens me but hopfully they wont be too noticable after the belly shrinks back down. Things are getting harder to do. Mad props to anyone who is or has been prego and has other kids. I babysit my niece kallee..its getting hard to run around after her and crawl to places she crawls to. I've been having alot of braxton hicks contractions..mostly when im trying to sleep, not so fun. Im getting to the point where i need to accept this new body and get some clothes that fit instead of trying to make what i have work and be depressed lol. She is so cute is amazing to feel her moving around all day every day, i feel truely blessed to have made it this far. I didn't think id ever be able to be prego due to my blood type. Its been a long bumpy road and im only half way there but its so worth so excited!!
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