Monday, December 1, 2008

Scary weekend!

So i started bleeding sunday night.... freaks me out...but my doctor assures me things are probably ok and normal. Then the next day, i bleed some more. So my Doctor wants me to do an ultrasound asap...we go in and she starts doing the ultra sound, found the gestetional (however you spell that) sac but no baby.... so im preparing myself to hear her say she cant find the baby and i've miscarried... so she does the other type of ultrasound (vaginal, sorry if thats TMI) and she is looking forever, im just expecting bad news.. looks and looks and looks. I was staring at the cieling trying not to cry, Then all the sudden she turns up the volume and there it baby's heart beat. 152 beats per minute, its perfect heart beat. I couldnt help it the tears just came. I so thought my baby was gone. She told me i literally have a peanut baby. looked just like one lol. So im only 7 weeks not 8. im just so glad there was a baby.... i wanted to just hug the lady lol.
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