Wednesday, November 26, 2008

From the beggining

I was born june 3rd, 1989 to chris and carol. I have 4 sisters (Yolanda, Becky, Jessica, and Tricia) 3 brothers (Scott, Reuben, and Kyle) 3 brother in laws (Dana, Mike, and Scott) 4 nieces (Cassie, sammie, audrie, and Kallee) and 1 nephew Landan!

big family and i love them all! I grew up in Salt Lake City until i was about 12 and then we moved to PG. I graduated high school in may 2007 and i also have my C.N.A. I plan to go to college and get my generals so i can do a course at MATC and get my L.P.N. I want to do this ASAP but i need to wait to see where we sit with money. We as in my husband Jeff and me.

I met my husband, Jeff, in February and we have been together sense Feb. 10th 2006. almost 3 years. We got married on November 10th 2007. We just bought a house (town home) this october 2008 and we LOVE it! its so nice to call it our own. We got to see it go up and we got to pick all the colors and floors and what not. very exciting.

I work at a care center helping elderly disabled individuals. I love it. Its hard most the time but its very rewarding
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